About Us

Black Hat Miniatures was formed in 2004 with the aim of specialising in producing high quality 18mm wargames figures. Initially Black Hat was a part-time business and our initial range was the 18mm Martian Empires Victorian Science Fiction range.

In August 2006, we purchased Gladiator Miniatures and Coat D’arms paints from Gladiator Games to add to our existing ranges and started to produce the figures ourselves rather than outsourcing the casting and mouldmaking.

Over the years we bought a number of other ranges from other companies.

Black Hat Miniatures has been full time since 2008 and we sell and distribute Coat D’arms paints.

In 2018 we sold all our wargaming ranges to other manufacturers to concentrate on Imperial Miniatures, a 54mm toy soldier manufacturer.

Black Hat Miniatures is run by Mike Lewis, who has been a wargamer for many years and may be known to some through DragonLords RPG fanzine from the 1980s. He also writes (and occasionally sells) Science Fiction and Fantasy stories (see www.mikelewis.info for more details).